Charity SKY DIVE


The date is set for our free fall parachute jump. On 1st Oct 2010 we will have 11 people jumping from 15000feet, or 3miles. The free fall will last for about 60 seconds then when (hope) the chute opens we will drift to earth from about 6000 feet landing all nice and safe. Our Resident free fall veteran Bruce assures us there is nothing to worry about. All in a good cause, we are raising money for the charity CLIC Sargent .  CLIC Sargent  cares for children with cancer. Every day 10 families are told their child has cancer. As the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent is the only organisation to offer them all round care and support.

 During treatment – providing specialist nurses, play specialists, Homes from Home

 In hospital & at home – offering specialist social care and support in the community – services for young people, holidays, grants, helpline

 After treatment – helping survivors, supporting those bereaved


Registered charity number is 1107328 and registered in Scotland (SC039857) making a commitment to the community