Moving into Sep and Junior mat chats

British Aikido Board National Course

I will be teaching at this event along with 4 other senior instructors from various different styles of Aikido. Please support the event and lets show everyone the quality of  Shudokan Aikido.

Sat 9th October 9:30 – 15:45 at Brunel University, Sports Centre, Kingstone Road, Uxbridge UB8 3PH



Meet at the Chestnut pub after training, around 8.30 ish



This years firewalk is being held on Fri 19th Nov at the dojo, meet at 6.00pm for a 6.30 start. Bring EVERYONE you know (minors need to have a parent in attendance who is also walking). Not sure about the minimum age then talk to me. Cost is a minimum donation of £10 per head going to Clik Seargent ( charity for kids with cancer) List is open give your name, and donation at reception.



We will be open on Sat 28th as normal but closed on Mon 31st, open again on Tuesday 1st Sep.

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See you on the mat

Sensei Ken


Junior Mat Chats for September

Life skills training

Dear parent/carer


In the month of September we are discussing the following topics with the children to help then get back into the routine of school, and for some, to help them cope with starting a new school.

WEEK 1.         BACK TO SCHOOL/NEW SCHOOL. This week we discuss the importance of establishing positive routines, setting new goals and re-establishing contact with old friends. For those who are starting new schools we encourage that change should be looked upon as an exciting experience that provides us with new opportunities.

WEEK 2.        MAKING NEW FRIENDS. This week we talk about the importance of extending friendship to people who are new to our school. We also discuss how to go about building relationships with the RIGHT people if we are the ones that find ourselves in a new environment. Confidence is a major focus for this week to make it easier for our children to make new friends.

WEEK 3.        BULLIES. This week we discuss with the children various ways of dealing with bullies using both verbal and physical strategies.

WEEK 4.        HOME WORK. Finally this month we discuss the importance of prioritising tasks. Homework may not be fun but lets get it done and out of the way. Also lets do the best job we can.

The subjects covered this month are designed to make the transition back to school easier for our students. Please help us by participating and re-enforcing these subjects outside of the dojo.

Sensei Hezie