Testimonial from Sara – A students perspective

You dont have to be strong and fast to defend yourself from the dangerous people you can encounter on the streets, in pubs or those uninvited kind you may get in your own home. Although the shudokan dojo promotes fitness by holding monthly fitness tests and class drills  there is more to this martial art than muscles. Its a thinking persons choice.  In addition to the physical training, you will learn valuable survival skills such as how to read body language, the importance of keeping a positive mental attitude when threatened with a sharp knife, and how to best get out of countless varieties of threatening situations. Its an excellent way to keep fit and learn something that could save your life.

IF you train diligently in the art of Aikido, you will have the potentially lifesaving skills you need to survive in an unpredictable world.

Its about powerful techniques that get their explosive energy from being relaxed, alert and using your enemies strength against them instead of using your own. 

Other martial arts teach that in order to win a fight you must be the strongest.  But strength is limited.  If you are at a natural disadvantage, for example if you are tired, elderly, injured or female then your strength will not be enough against a 18 stone attacker for example. In addition, other martial arts focus on training that will prepare you for a one on one fight. You may also encounter aggresive individuals when you are out with your family.  You would not want to run away from this situation, and Aikido provides multi attacker training that could potentially save you and your familys life.

This is why Aikido is such a universal martial art. It can be used with great effect regardless of the age or gender of the practitioner. Aikidos founder, Morehi uesheba was 90 years old, yet it seemed that with just the flick of his wrist or a slight shift in his hips, he could launch just about anyone across his dojo. 

How? Come see us and find out.