Belt Meeting summary and News update

Testing week

Testing will be taking place from 22 – 27 Nov. Ensure you have the correct tags to test and take what catch up classes you need to make that happen. Also you will need to ensure your insurance is up to date in order to test. Monday 29th of Nov we count as week 1 of December so there will be no testing on that day. Testing is only the last full week of the month.

Black Belt Testing

Black Belt testing is on Sat 27th Nov. the testing will commence AFTER the normal adult lesson. Little Dragons testing will commence at 13.00. Adult testing will commence at 13.30. Given the numbers testing we should be complete by about 14.30. Seating will be available in Dojo 1, as always the front row will be reserved for family and friends of those testing. Please do come along to support those testing. After the event for those that wish we will meet at the Chestnut for a celebration. (Hopefully)

Belt Meeting Summary

Discussion points

Facilities and Equipment:

1 A suggestion box will be placed back in the lounge

2 Looking into the costs of a de-humidifier for Dojo 1

3 Looking for longer shower curtains


1 From several people more curriculum classes were requested. It has to be clear that just about all we do is curriculum based. We need to endeavour to understand our techniques in a more global sense rather than be a slave to the list of requirements for our next belt promotion.

2 For the last half hour on a Fri and as an option to the free practice on a Sat we will hold traditional weapons classes, Jo and Bokken. Each week we will alternate the weapons so if students are tied to one particular day they will still see a mix. We will start this in Dec.

3 A dedicated Goshin (self defence) class was requested. I will look at when we can schedule one in.

4 More outdoor training was requested. Again I will look to schedule one in but please support these events.


1 Everyone was happy with the social events; we could do with more help on the social committee though so volunteers please.


1 Everyone seemed happy with the level of communication. For my part please do keep talking to us, especially if you are not able to train for any reason, and if you have any suggestions my door is always open, I think the hinge is broken:)

Tradesmen wanted

Any painters and decorators out there please.


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