Black Belt Test Results

Black Belt Testing

Shudokan Black Belt Academy

27 November 2010

The following students passed the Little Dragon Shodan test

Kacper Dzialo

Noah Curtis

Oran Stevenson

Joseph Hamshire

All four students have been training with us for over 4 years and did an outstanding job, well done and congratulations to them all.

The following students passed the Adult Shodan test

Kate Perna

Liz Evans

Matt Thurman

Shaun Holmes

Ertan Asutay

Kevin Whitney (Oxford dojo)

Thank you all for your hard work, commitment, and dedication. The standard was truly inspirational. I am proud of the standard you achieved, it says a great deal about our school.

The following students passed the Adult Nidan test

Richard Watts (Oxford dojo)

A great Job Richard. Thank you for your efforts both on and off the mat. You give yourself freely and are always there for others, this is the true spirit of Aikido. Also thank you for your loyalty and the work you have put in to establish a first class Shudokan Dojo in Oxford.


Sensei Ken

Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham