News update 13 Dec 2010

Focus for the week

Testing starts this week so make sure you have the correct amount of tags. Testing will run through to our last day which is Thursday 23rd Dec.

Thursday and Friday Sensei John Russell is taking all adult classes. Testing will still be available.

Saturday Weapons training is Bokken/Shinai

Good vs Bad habits

When it comes to training it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to get into a good habit of regular training, it takes only 2 weeks to get out of a good habit. We have had bad weather for two weeks now which has prevented some people from training, we have a Christmas break coming up soon which will be more time off practice. Its IMPORTANT we find a way to get on the mat as much as possible between now and the Christmas break. We are martial artists, its what we do.

If you do get a little stuck with motivation just give me a call or even visit our blog , plenty there to give you things to think about.

Junior and Dragon Movie night

If you need a little more time to sort out your Christmas shopping why not drop your children off at the dojo on Wed 15th for the normal class time and you can pick them up no later than 8:00pm. We will keep them busy with a movie after class. If they need to eat could you provide them with a packed lunch.


Instead of the usual Quote I though I would link to this great speech from the latest Rocky movie


See you on the mat

Sensei Ken