Sensei John Russell 7th Dan visit

Sensei John Russell

Will be visiting and teaching at the dojo next week on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th. I am not certain if he will be here in time to take the Thursday lunch time class but he will take both Thursday adult classes. On Friday he will take all adult classes. Testing will still be available for those who need it. Sensei John Russell was one of Soke Stratton’s first students in the UK. He more than any other student spent more time training with Soke Stratton. Sensei John served in the military during the Malaysian conflict. Operating and fighting in the jungle against communist guerrillas. After leaving the military he started his own electronics business what was very successful. Having made a decision to retire Sensei John sold his business and bought property in Florida where he currently spends most of his time.

 Sensei John has always been a driving force behind the Shudokan, he has travelled the world to champion our cause and during difficult times has helped steer the organisation in the right direction. If it were not for him the Shudokan would not be what it is today.

 Sensei John retired from training two years ago due to a worsening knee condition. After successful surgery Sensei John is back teaching and I am honoured to have him at my school. His style is very much old school backed by a deep knowledge of our art. Find a way to attend as many classes as you can on Thursday and Friday.

Parachute Jump

Has again been postponed due to weather. We were advised to postpone as the temperature at altitude, combined with wind chill would be in the order of -40degrees. The drop zone will shortly be closing and will reopen in April. All those intending to jump will need to contact me to arrange a date. Also this will give us more time to recruit more jumpers and raise more money.

Charity Funds Raised 

The total funds raised by the fire-walk plus a little money paid towards the Parachute jump totals £1066.00. We will be contacting Clic Sergant and making arrangements to transfer funds. A BIG thank you to all who contributed. We are still receving money for the parachute jump which will be passed to the charity after the event.

Weapons training

Traditional weapong training is now scheduled for every Fri for 30 mins ate the end of the class and as an alternative to free practice on Sat.

Catch up classes

Looks like the weather is finally improving. Dont let your training just fizzle out before Christmas, lets finnish strong. Its easy to sit on the sofa and take an early break, but thats not what martial artists do. Get the catch up classes done and get some progression, tag or belt, before Christmas. Testing starts next week.


“Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When you don’t know what harbor you’re aiming for, no wind is the right wind.”



See you on the mat

Sensei Ken

Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham