News Update 10 Jan

Training focus for the week

Monday – Yonkajo

Tuesday – Ikkajo

Wednesday – Kokyunage/Kokyuho

Thursday – Shomen Iriminage

Friday – Bokken/Shinai

Saturday – Hijishimae / Jo

Sensei John Russell visit

Sensei John  Russell has confirmed his visit for Wed 26th and Thursday 27th Jan. He will be teaching on all adult classes that day.

Events for January

Fri 14th – The Adult classes will be given over to Bokken and Shinai training

Fri 14th – Family fitness day for Juniors and Dragons. Bring along Mum and Dad or any family member for a fun workout together during normal class times.

19th Jan – Juniors and dragons Green hornet day. During normal class times, bring a friend, dress up if you like, teams will be telling us all about Bruce Lee and his role as the Green Hornet. The winners get a ton of Aiki Yen to spend at the auction.

Wed and Thur 26th and 27th – Due to popular request Sensei John Russell 7th Dan will be visiting to take adult classes, if you missed him in Dec now is your chance.

Fri 28th – Outdoor self defence seminar, always popular, always a real eye opener, friends and family welcome. 6.30 start for 90 mins.

Badge of the Month – Juniors and Dragons

Break falling and Awesome effort speak to Sensei Matt for details.


“The difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting.”

Walt Disney


See you on the mat

Sensei Ken

Shudokan Black Blet Academy – Aikido Nottingham