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Junior Mat Chat

Life skills training

In March we will continue our discussions with the meaning behind the Hakama. Just as a reminder the Hakama has seven pleats which represent the seven virtues of bushido (The Way of the Warrior).

Last month we covered:

1.Rei                Politeness, etiquette, courtesy.

2.Meiyo           Honour, credit, glory.

3.Jin                 Universal love, benevolence toward mankind; compassion, charity.

4.Yu                Courage, valour, bravery.

In March for the first 3 weeks we will focus on:
1.Makoto         Sincerity, truthfulness, honesty.

2.Gi                 Justice, righteousness, integrity.
3.Chugi                        Devotion, loyalty, fidelity.

In our final week we will discus what it means to be a Black Belt

WEEK 1. MAKOTO. This topic covers the obvious importance of being honest and sincere. We link this discussion with last months “Yu” as sometimes it takes courage to be honest. We will also highlight the importance of really meaning what you say.

WEEK 2. GI. There is some obvious overlap here with Makoto. So the approach we take this week is focused on our actions, in the sense that we should always be prepared to “do the right thing”.

WEEK 3. CHUGI. The focus this week is on showing steadfast allegiance to those who we love and to our true friends.

WEEK 4. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A BLACK BELT. Our final discussion in March will examine the traits of a good Black Belt. Being a Black Belt is not about how we perform on the Mat. It’s about how we behave outside of the dojo, about the decisions we make, and about the way we treat other people. Above all it’s about our commitment to ourselves to be continually improving in all aspects of our life.

One of the best times to re-enforce these messages is when your child gets home from class. Just ask how the mat chat went and what it meant to him or her.

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Junior and Dragons technique of the month March

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Soke Stratton Memorial Training

This years memorial training will be held at Sensei Mussons dojo at Riverside Way, NG2 1DP.

The training will run from 13.00 – 1700. Sensei Ken Robson will be the senior instructor teaching. The cost is £10.00 and all proceeds will go to Soke Strattons family. Please do what you can to attend and contribue, we would not be where we are today had it not been for Soke Stratton.

Edwin William James Stratton (July 17, 1936 – March 9, 2000) was a British aikido teacher and the founder of Yoshinkan UK, and the Shudokan Institute of Aikido International.

Short History

Eddie Stratton had a long history in the martial arts.  Having trained and taught in numerous countries around the world, teaching martial artists, police and military personnel.  Having learnt from great masters and developed his martial arts to become a great master himself.

His first introduction to martial training was when his father bought him a pair of boxing gloves at the age of 9, and his first introduction to the ring was a roped off area in his ck garden when he and his friends would have friendly matches – they usually ended up as a free-for-all and bloody noses were order of the day! Later he was trained by George Pine of Dartford in Kent, who received the MBE for his devotion to amateur boxing.  The highlights of this time were becoming the Southern Area Lightweight Champion, and boxing on the same bill as Dave Charnly (who became British, European and Empire Lightweight Cham pion) and a young heavyweight amateur champion named Henry Cooper.

At 19 he found himself in Malaysia where he met Thamby Rajah Sensei.  After watching Thamby Sensei, he thought that as a boxer he could easily overcome him.

He was amazed at how this slight man handled and controlled him.  Of course, he did not know that Thamby Sensei  was a student of the great judo masters Ichijama and Kyuzo Mifune, and the great aikido master Kancho Gozo Shioda.

At this point he began taking instruction in aikido directly from Master Thamby Rajah and on his return from Malaysia, he introduced Yoshinkan aikido for the first time to Great Britain in the early 1960’s.

He travelled to Japan and trained under Kancho Gozo Shioda.  Later, Kancho came to England and stayed with Stratton.

In 1998, after one of  Sensei Thamby Rajah’s visits to the UK, Stratton Sensei received his 9th Dan in aikido.

He died on the 9th March 2000 after a long fight against cancer.

Some old TV footage

To Book contact Sensei Phil Musson 0115 9862762 or Shudokan Black Belt Academy Nottingham 0115 9856504


“It’s our attitude in life that determines life’s attitude toward us.”

Earl Nightingale


Sensei Ken

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