News Update 14th July & Some Wisdom From Sensei Mercer

BBQ & Open Day

We are holding our Open Day this Saturday. The fun starts at 13:30 with Sumo Suits, a raffle and BBQ to add to the festivities. Bring along guests, it’s an open day after all!

Summer School

Summer School is now only a matter of weeks away. Some places have now opened back up so to those of you who were on the fence before I say this.

I remember the feeling of overwhelming excitement before my first Summer School. Knowing that I would be seeing instructors that were as much celebrity to me as singers and actors filled my every waking thought. Now I have been training for roughly 6 years and guess what, I am still just as excited about the upcoming seminar as I was  all those years and belts ago.

I have heard people say, and high grades at that; ‘It’s always the same stuff’

To those people I have two things to say;

  1. I know that the same lesson will always mean a different thing to me because I have moved forward and developed since the last time I received it. When  I understand one aspect of what the instructor is saying the rest of lesson has a different meaning. This alone means that I will never take the same class twice.
  2. We are martial artists. For anyone to develop at anything repetition is not advised, it is necessesary!

So if you think you have heard it all before, maybe you have, but I guarentee that you will not have understood or mastered more than a tiny grain of the knowledge these Sensei have to offer.

On Rights and Responsibilities; By Sensei Mercer

Sometimes I feel we live in a world that thrives and relies on Rights.  But, Rights are without means, they have no substance and on their own can do nothing.  If one has the Right of self defence, that in itself does not protect  one from an attack.  The Right alone has no means.  In order to exercise any right certain responsibilities have to be met.  In the case of self defence some training or ability needs to be nurtured in order to be able to exercise the Right.  Often I think individuals do not understand their responsibilities yet are very keen to exercise their Rights believing that it is other people’s responsibility to provide them with the means.  I can not help but think this is wrong.  In the dojo we all have the Right to learn and progress but this comes with the responsibility to work hard, listen and respond to instruction which is the means by which we achieve this.


See you soon

Sensei Matt Thurman Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham