News Update 15th September

Dates for the Diary

We have a series of events in the upcoming month. See below for details and dates.


Kids’ Bring a Buddy Week

All through next week the Dojo will be open to guests! Invite your school friends come along and join in with the class to see what we do here and have a great time with us. Aiki-Yen will be awarded to students for bringing friend, and since its all week, you’ll be able to bring a new friend each day.


Junior/Cadet Clan Wars

For the month of October we will divide the Juniors and Cadets into differnt ‘Clan’ groups, much like school houses.

During the month students will earn their Clan points by performing great techniques, answering questions, bringing in friends among many other things. But remember this, any bad behaviour, laziness and cheating and you will loose your Clan points.

At the end of the month the members of Clan with the most points will win themselves a great prize and the main achievers of the Clan will be recognised and awarded!

Sensei Mustard

OnThursday the 6th of October Sensei Robert Mustard will be running a class at the Dojo. This is a fanatastic opportunity and not to be missed. Sensei Mustard is a 7th Dan Yoshinkan Sensei and his Aikido is awesome. His lessons are just as valid for begginers as they are for advanced students, and vice-versa, and whatever grade you are you will learn loads and have a great time.

It is only £15.00 to take the class and the class will last for 2 and a half hours, from 18:30 to 21:00.

Out-Door Self Defence

On Friday the 21st of October we are going to run an Out-Door self defence course. This course is free to attend so please bring guests (Family, friends, work colegues etc).

These in-location self defence session are incredibly valuable because they provoke questions that would never be asked in a Dojo self defence class, they help you to get used to applying your Aikido training outside of the Dojo and they break down the barrier caused by ‘I have never done this before’.

Junior/Cadet Aiki-Auction

The Aiki-Auction will take place on Wednesday the 26th of October. To take part in the Auction, students will need to earn themselves Aiki-Yen. Yen will awarded in class for great performance, guts, effort, technique, knowledge, manners the list goes on. In short, for displaying any aspect of Bushido, the students will be rewarded with Aiki-Yen.

Kids’ Halloween Party

On Monday the 28th of October we are holding a Halloween costume party for the Little Dragons and the Junior/Cadets. The theme of the party is Zombie Ninjas Vs Vampire Samurai!Pick you side and come along to wag war on your deadliest enemies.

If you have any questions about any of these events plese call the team on 0115 9856504


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham