News Update Monday 20th February

Training Focus

The training focus for this week is Curriculum and grading.

Don’t be afraid to have a go, limiting your progression because you don’t feel ready is the wrong way to approach your training. You lose nothing for trying and even if you don’t pass, you still get the benefit of the Sensei’s feedback.  If you have enough tags, just put your hand up and have a go.

Power Hour

This Friday, 18:30.

Everything we do in 1 lesson. Turning up guestless is not an option! We want to show people what Aikido is and the whole range of material we cover.

Remember, ‘Bring a Friend’ (Or anyone for that matter)

Bestwood Park Walk

This Saturday, 14:00, The Mill entrance.

If you go down to the woods this Saturday you’re sure for a big surprise. Because a truckload of Aikidoka will be out having a walk.  Give us a call on 0115 9856504 for more information.


There’s a way to do it better — find it.

Thomas Edison 


Sensei Matt, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham