News Update Thursday 16th February

Dates for the Diary

Power Hour

Friday 24th February 

The aim is to demonstrate everything we do in one lesson. For current students this a brilliant reminder of the massive spectrum that we have to offer, for new people and guests see this as a chance to get to experience everything we do in Shudokan Aikido.

So to existing students, please bring a friend. To starngers, please come on down.

Bestwood Park

Saturday 25th February

On Saturday afternoon we are going for a stroll through Bestwood Park. We are meeting ath the Coach House in the park at 13:30 and the whole walk should take about 2 hours. Please bring family friends and the dog. Ooh and the camera as well.

Mother’s Day Training

Friday 16th March

Because families that flip together, stick together. We challenge you to come along with your child to join a special class for parents and help develop that familial tie that comes from a shared interest.

Red Nose Day

Saturday17th March

(Kid’s only I’m afraid) Come to class dressed in red and get sponsored to help raise money for charity. Our aim is for the entire class to have done 6,000 back drops. The more students we have on the mat, the harder it becomes. If every student gets sponsored just £1 per drop we can really make a difference! Join the cause and make a difference, ask Sensei Matt for a sponsorship form.

Safety and Awareness Course

Friday 23rd March

The evening class will be a course in the more preventative measures we should take in our self defence and take a look at the sort of things that may have to be dealt with in the workplace as opposed to the street.

Black Belt Tests

Saturday 24th March

Those testing in march are yours truly (Sensei Matt) & Martin Watt.

Please come along to show your support for the work put in and the end result. Black belt is off ten seen as the ultimate goal in martial arts and as a result it is all to easy to lose your way once you have achieved this great trophy. Be part of the audience that you would hope for when it’s your turn.

That’s all folks.


Sensei Matt, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham