News Update Monday 30th April

Training Focus

Due to the massive success of the Shinai day we have decide that weapons classes will alternate bokken, jo & shinai as opposed to bokken/shinai & jo.

Monday; Hijishimae

Tuesday; Sokumen Iriminage

Wednesday; Shomen Iriminage

Thursday; Ikkajo

Friday; Nikkajo & Bokken

Saturday; Sankajo & Jo

Junior/Cadet Weapon Class

From now on, the second half of every Tuesday (Barring grading week) will be a weapons class, alternating between bokken and jo training each week. Students are encouraged to bring in their own weapons.

This week, the weapon will be bokken.

 Junior/Cadet Testing Module

This Month the kids will be tested on Module 3 of the syllabus.

  • All students Green Belt and below will be tested on their Basic Level, all above will be tested on their Advanced Level.
  • For Juniors Level 1 is ‘Basic’ and Level 2 is ‘Advanced’
  • For Cadets Level 2 is ‘Basic’ and Level 3 is ‘Advanced’

Junior/Cadet Mat Chat For May

Please talk with your child about the topics covered in this video.


Sensei Matt, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham