News Update Thursday 17th May


Knife Defence Course

Friday 18th May

FREE knife defence lesson this Friday. The class is open to everyone including non-members, so if you’re looking for some practical skills to defend yourself we’re here.

Avengers Day

Wednesday 30th May

Strictly kids only I’m afraid. Come in dressed as your favourite Super Hero or Villain and make battle with the evil SWAT. There will be prizes for the best costumes.

Role Model Day

Friday 15th June

Another kids event. We want you to bring someone from your family, who you admire, along to the class. We’ve got lads of fun games to play plus some drills to get your guest involved in the techniques. Lets show your family what we do.

Outdoor Weapons

Saturday 23rd June

Surprise surprise its another kids event. The class will be between the usual times of 10:30 and 11:30. We’ll take the Juniors up to Woodthorpe Park with a all the Bokken we have and have some fun in the sun. This event is open to guests so bring a buddy.

You can meet us at the park gate on Mansfield road or at the Dojo and we can all walk up together. IF YOU OWN A BOKKEN BRING IT ALONG 


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