News Update Tuesday 8th May

Training Focus

This Week’s Trainging focus is as follows;

Tuesday; Sankajo Shihonage/Tenchinage
Wednesday; Yonkajo
Thursday; Shihonage/Tenchinage Sankajo
Friday; Kotegaeshi and Jo
Saturday; Hijiate and Shinai

Summer School


Adult Summer School is from Thursday 28th June to Sunday 1st July.

This is a fantastic training opportunity with 3 world class instructors on the mat plus many more school owners. Whether you are a white belt on your first lesson or a 6th degree black belt there will be plenty of things being given for you to make your Aikido better.

If you want to book your place, call us now on 0115 9856 504


Junior/Cadet Summer School is on Tuesday and Wednesday 14th and 15th August. We are gonna do loads of cool and exciting techniques and exercises including loads of things we don’t do in normal classes.

We need to get names on the guest list as soon as possible as it is first come first served.

Little Dragons

The Little Dragons Summer School is on Monday 13th August. We’ve got loads of stuff for the kids to keep them entertained so if your looking for something to do during the summer holidays, Summer School is perfect.

Knife Defence Day

Friday 18th May.

Learn how to keep yourself safe with the growing amount of knife crime. Self defence is a key skill that you should know if you like to go out with your friends on a regular basis so feel free to give us a call and ask about this free session.


Sensei Matt, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham