News Update Monday 16th July

Training Focus

This week is curriculum training. Get on the mat and make sure you’re ready for your grading next week.

Junior/Cadet Testing Module

Students below Low Blue belt are tested on Foundation level modules, Low Blue and above are tested on Advenced.

For Junior students Lvl 1 is Foundation and Lvl 2 is Advanced.

For Cadet students Lvl 2 is Foundation and Lvl 3 is Advanced.

Holiday Competitions

With the summer break  looming we are launching two holiday competitions:

Holiday Kamai

To enter the draw bring in photos of yourself standing in Kamai or Zanshin. You can bring in multiple photos but only your best will be entered. There are three diferent categories; Best Posture, Best Location & Most Imaginative Photo. There will be a prize for the winner of each category.

Grand Summer Lottery

Every time you train, bring guests or a friend joins your name will be entered into the bowl.

Training will earn you 1 entry for each attendance.If you bring along a friend you will be entered a further 4 times. If your friend joins you will be entered another 5 times.

So, if you you train 16 times, bring 2 friends and 1 of them joins you will have 29 entries in the bowl.

Both competitions start Monday 23rd  and will finish September 1st. The Prizes draw will be on Monday 3rd September.


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham