News Update Thursday 12th July

Self Defence Course

Imagine this scenario:

you are out one evening, having a drink with a group of your friends. Suddenly a complete stranger walks up to you, insults you and your friends, drains your glass then demands you buy him another drink. What would you do? Maybe you try to stand up for yourself? You ask him leave maybe, or better try to force him away? He lashes out and the fight is begun.

We are running a self defence course focus on the “What if?s” involved in a Club/Pub environment. In our usual training environment it is very, very easy to learn several self defence skills, but it is all abstract. It assumes no obstacles to movement, no other people around us and worst of all, we only get good at acting in self defence in environments like the Dojo.

That is why courses like this one are so important!

Meet at the Horse and Groom pub for 18:30. We will be using the function room through the back of the pub.

Join The SAS

Come along this Saturday to Soak A Sensei and get some well earned revenge. The SAS day will be at normal class time for the kids. They can wear Gis or normal clothes but we ask that they ALL WEAR FOOTWEAR! Also if you can bring along towels to help your child dry off afterwards that would be appreciated.


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham