News Update Thursday 23rd August

Sword Cutting

Place your orders ASAP if you want to take part in the sword cutting You need to tell us how many mats you will need, we will order them in and you will then need to collect them. Once you have your mats you need to prepare them: Roll them together tightly and soak them for a day before bringing them in to cut.


It’s that time of year again Ladies and Gentlemen. Starting on Tuesday 4th September the Juniors and Cadets can start earning Aiki-yen for the Auction on Friday 5th October. Parents this is a great chance to clear the closet as the end of the year start to come over the horizon. Aiki-Yen will be awarded for many things from awesome Kamai, to strong techniques, from bringing friends to

Anti Bullying Week

As the kids are getting read to go back to school, we are aware that for some a new set of challenges is arriving with the new year. The worry of bullying is a common one, and the fear of bullying even more so.

From Monday 10th to Saturday 15th September every kids class will include a heave focus on anti-bullying strategies. This will include self defence techniques as well as methods for avoiding be a target and how to deter would be bullies.

Parents! Sensei Ken will be running a Parents and Guardians Course to help advise you about the things you can do to help your child if they ever become a victim. This a valuable course, please take advantage.


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham