News Update Thursday 18th Oct

5 Week Month

Good news everyone, it’s a five week month! This means that we have an extra week (duh) of curriculum practice before Gradings start at the end of the month. Make full use of these extra days to get on the mat and put a final polish on your techniques.

Outdoor Self Defence…

…is TOMORROW! If you are meeting us there see the map below and be there for 18:25. If you are coming with the group from the Dojo, meet here at 18:15.

If you take your personal safety seriously then the outdoor sessions are invaluable tools to help you improve your safety and awareness skills.

THERE WILL BE A NORMAL CLASS AT THE DOJO — (But it will be with Sensei Matt, who currently has one arm in a sling, so really you’re better off coming along to the outdoor session)

Record of Achievement Folders

We will soon be rolling out the facility for students of all ages to earn certification in many areas of their martial arts training. The certificates will be awarded to anyone who earns them, but we will be supplying some deluxe folders to store and display your achievements. As an example, some the certificates you will be able to achieve are;

  • Self Defence proficiency
  • Ukemi  proficiency
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Sensei Ken’s Certificate of Commendation
  • Traditional Weapon proficiency

Some of these certificates will require the completion of many modules and task before they can be awarded.


Sensei Matt, Shudokan Black Belt Academy- Aikido Nottingham