Shudokan Students Attacked

A very unfortunate situation occurred a few days ago involving two Shudokan students. I have not mentioned names or which school they are from as I am a little sketchy on details and accuracy, and without permission I would not mention names anyway. It does not matter that I may have some detail wrong, the important thing is the underlying message and the lessons we can learn from this encounter.

Two Shudokan Students are walking home after a quiet night out in their local town. The area in which they find themselves is a troublesome part of town. The pair walks past a group of youths in their late teens or early twenties. One of the youths “bumps into” one of the students, who questions his intent. Shortly after engaging in dialogue one of the students is stabbed, the knife thrust narrowly missing the kidney. Some confusion develops and the student that was stabbed, having realised what has happened retreats to a fast food shop to seek shelter. The remaining student is left to confront the 9 youths. With a tremendous display of fighting spirit this student is able to keep the youths at bay for some minutes until the police arrive. Under these circumstances “some minutes” is a very long time indeed. During this battle the Shudokan student received two small knife wounds which struck ribs so no massive damage. Some head wounds were received leaving his face heavily swollen and a broken jaw.

The perpetrators of this violence were arrested but soon after were released back onto the streets.

So what can we take away from this most unfortunate incident.

First avoid the bad parts of town if at all possible. If you must go there try to find a taxi that will take you. At least try to go with a friend.

When faced with the possibility of violence and you enter into dialogue then keep things calm assertive, calm submissive or calm passive. Keep things reasonable be polite but above all keep things calm.

If things escalate to violence then it’s all down to you. Sometimes violence is unavoidable and no amount of calm communication will deter these people, violence is what they want and so violence is what they will have.

If this happens to you don’t expect help, you are on your own. The police can-not guarantee your safety; there are not enough of them and they are shackled by rules and restrictions. I have a tremendous amount of respect for our Police but they are just not properly manned or provisioned for. It really is the thin Blue Line, and that Blue Line is getting thinner.

After the event don’t hold out too much hope for the law of the land to deliver consequences. In the incident above the youths were back on the street shortly after being arrested will full bragging rights to the crimes they committed. You have to understand that’s what people like this need. They are moral weaklings and the only way they can find empowerment is to bring pain suffering and loss upon others, they have no other source of fulfilment. Our society often glorifies the “gangsta” ethos on TV and in the movies. It’s not hard to see why this way of life may draw youngsters, especially those with little parental guidance…….. and I think parental guidance in this country is at a dangerous low at this point in time.

Just to make matters worse having been released back on the streets these people are often free to pick up their job seekers allowance and what-ever other allowances they have learned to fleece out of the system, which no doubt costs millions in tax payers money. Mean while the thin blue line grows thinner……. because we have no money. This other army is growing though, our streets are becoming less safe.

OK so I have had a bit of a rant and I may have generalised here and there but the point is this. YOU must take responsibility if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. You don’t need to learn how to fight if that’s not your bag but you can arm yourself with knowledge at the very least.

This instance can-not go without mention of the fighting spirit displayed buy the Shudokan students that survived this encounter, they are a credit to the true martial arts community. State of mind and attitude is something that can also be learned.