What Osu Means

A week or so ago Sensei Ken set our Juniors and Cadets some homework, write a short piece on what ‘Osu’ means. One student impressed us all with their response. Read on.

What Osu Means?

Osu is a sign of respect. Osu means yes Sensei I will do my best to strive for accuracy and do my best and I Will never give up. There is no reason to say Osu if you are not showing respect and if you are not going to do as you are told.

I say Osu because I am fully committed to Aikido and I enjoy it very much.

From Annaliese Dexter.

As you can imagine we are all very proud of Annaliese.


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham