News Update Thursday 6th June

Upcoming Events

Here are the dates and info on the events for the next month or so.

Role Model Day

Sat 15th June

A day for all our young students to celebrate their families and the people they look up to. We are asking the kids to bring along a relative to class and join in with the lesson.

Bar Room Brawl

Friday 21st June

‘Nuf said really. We like to make our self defence programmes as effective as possible, which means that we need to get ourselves acclimatised to dealing with confrontation in the environments where we may actually have to deal with it. If you take your personal safety training seriously, this event is a must.

Kids Weapons Day

Saturday 22nd June

Little Dragons

Usual class times. The class will be 100% weapons practice. Bring a buddy anf have a great time.


We will be going our to Woodthorpe park for bokken training! We will be leaving the Dojo at 10:30 sharp tp walk to the park. If you are dropping your child of at the Dojo make sure they are ready to go as we do not want to miss anyone. You can meet us at the park, Mansfield Rd entrance, at 10:45. We will be leaving the park at 11:15, arriving at the Dojo for 11:30. Children must return to the Dojo unless collected by a parent!

Dojo Month End Social

Friday 28th June

After class on Friday evening we thought it would be nice to kick back in the famaily room, have a drink and socialise. It’ll be a bring-your-own do, so bring your favorite tipple and we wont judge.

Nerf Wars

Saturday 6th July

Ready! Aim! Fire….the foam darts…

Nerf wars are coming! Bring your own gun if you have one, to keep things simple make sure you mark your ammo so that you can recognise it and collect it later. If you want to bring more than one gun be prepared to let others borrow it.


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham

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