News Update Friday 16th August


There is a change to the plan for tomorrow’s picnic at Bestwood Park. Owing to roadworks we are now meeting at Bestwood Lodge at 2:00 PM.


End of Month Social

Friday 30th August. 8:00 PM.

After class on Friday we are getting together in the family room for a drink and a get-together. Please join us as this event marks the end of grading week and it would be great to congratulate everyone who will have graded this month.

Anti-Bullying Week

Monday 9th September – Saturday 14th September

As the kids go back to school we are inviting them to bring in their new friends to join a class and help share an interest. All of our classes this week will have a a heavy anti-bullying theme where we will discuss all sorts of stratagies from physical defence to body language and posture.

Parent Session

Tuesday 10th September 5:00 PM

Part of our anti-bullying week is parent education. We understand that when approached schools can sometime seem uncooperative or even unwilling to admit that they may have a bullying problem. Our parents’ session is focused around spotting when your child may be being bullied, approaching the school and if neccesary how to go higher up the chain if the school is unwill to help you and your child.

Board Break

Thursday 12th September, time to be confirmed

Our motivational seminars are second to none! We specialise in building confidence and helping people find a more positive way of life; One the events that we use to do this is our Board Break Seminar.

If you sometimes find yourself lacking in motivation or feeling down more often than you would like, come along to this event. It’s completely free, just call to book yourself on – 0115 9856504.


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham

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