New Update Monday 30th September

Training Focus

Monday: Yonkajo

Tuesday: Ikkajo

Wednesday: Shihonage

Thursday: Nikkajo

Friday: Sokkumen and Jo

Saturday: Sankajo & Bokken


We are closed Thursday 31st October as the staff will all be out celebrateing Sensei Matt’s Wedding. The Dojo will be open agin on Friday so if you would miss out on a class make sure you get your catch up.


Saturday 5th October.

We are in need of more prizes for the auction! Bring in old toys and games and you will be rewarded with Aiki-Yen. Bing friends for a massive payout!

Outdoor Self Defence

Friday 25th October, 18:30.

The nights are drawing in once again and when the sun goes down, the Shudokan comes out to play…

As it gets later in the year it gets more diffcult to stay safe. The colder weather, and darker evenings all make it much easier for those who would target you to succeed. We are running one of our Urban Self Defence classes towards the end of the month to help you learn the skills to avoid and deal with any problems that try and stop you enjoying your time out.

Halloween Parties


Friday 1st November, 20:00.

Replacing our usual month end social we have planned loads of fun and games for our adult students this Halloween. We have lots of stuff planned for the evening, apple bobbing, a piñata plus loads more!


Friday 1stNovember, class times.

Prepare yourselves for ghoulish fun and wicked games! Bring along friends for an even better time!

Annual Competition

Friday 15th November.

Adults and Juniors/Cadets we welcome you to participate in the annual competion. The events are:


Team Kihon Dosa

Kihon Dosa performed in teams of  2 – 4.

Kihon Waza

In pairs pick 4 Kihon Waza to perform as Shi’te and Uke.

Jiyu Waza

In pairs pick a Jiyu Waza approach to perform as Shi’te and Uke.


As abouve but with the addition of:


Solo perform a range of different falls.


“All great achievements require time.”

Maya Angelou


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham

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