News Update Monday 9th September

Training Focus

Monday: Shomen Iriminage

Tuesday: Kotegaeshi

Wednesday: Tenshinage

Thursday: Hijiate

Friday: Nikkajo & Jo

Saturday: Shihonage & Bokken

Anti Bullying Week

By now most of our kids are back at school and having a great time. Like us, I’m sure you want to keep it that way and the concern of bullying is never far from your mind.

All this week our classes will include a section of bully prevention techniques, including avoidance stratagies and physical defence. Our students are encouraged to bring as many friends to class as posible this week so we can share the skills required to live a happy and outgoing life withoutthe threat of bullying.

Parent Session

In addition to the sections in the children’s classes we are giving a presentation to parents and carers on what they can do to help their child if they are being bullied. This presentation will take place on Tuesday 10th September at 17:00 here at our academy.

Pizza Party!

Saturday 21st Sept.

At the end of the month we are hosting a VIP Pizza Party! If you want to get in all you need to do is get yourself a red wristband.

To get a wristband bring a friend to any class and you will both recieve a wristband! It couldnt be more simple!


“A life without cause is a life without effect.”



Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham

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