Our Christmas Message

As 2013 comes to a close I would just like to send out a massive thank you to all our students and parents who have supported the Academy this year, and for a lot of you, many years prior. Without your commitment and contribution we would not have this amazing school. I also want to make it known how much I appreciate my staff.  These guys work long anti-social hours and always give their best.

It’s been a difficult year for us as it has for most small businesses.  As such some changes have had to be made in order to maintain the visage of the graceful swan gliding over the water (I hope), but trust me, under the water it’s not pretty.  All in all we keep going; we just find a way, that’s what we do, but without you the students and parents all would be lost.  So I thank you sincerely for helping to make this dojo what it is.

Going into next year though I do have a request of you all.  In this season of giving please find some time to consider if you know of anyone else that would benefit from what we have to offer here. Find some people that you could send our way.  I have some plans I would like to execute next year, some of them based on your recent feedback, as things stand though in order to make these things happen we will have to grow the student base a little. This is where I need a some help.

Thank you again for your support this year. If you train I will see you on the last class on Monday 23rd. If you don’t train……. maybe you should 🙂


Sensei Ken Robson – Aikido Nottingham

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