News Update Monday 24th Fabruary

Training Focus

This week is Curriculum & Grading Practice. The Module focus for the week is

Monday: Self Defence

Tuesday: Sword

Wednesday: Dynamic Practice

Thursday: Free Practice

Friday: Jo

Saturday: Tanto

March Black Belt Tests

Saturday 29th March

Join us as we see our latests group of students test for their Black Belts! This is a great event to attend, whateer your grade; As a low Grade you will get to see what you are working towards and as a high Grade you may be reminded of just how far you have come.


There were two quotes I found today, and I cannot decide between them so have a double-whammy

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”

Jonathan Winters

“Choose positivity today.”

Author Unknown


Sensei Matt Thurman – Aikido Nottingham

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